R&R Strategic was formed to rapidly implement new ideas, processes and technologies for Start-Ups in order to quickly reach profitable reality and full market potential through our Informal Acceleration and Funding.

R&R Strategic is Your Implementation and Investment Partners.

We share in our successes, so please contact Bruce Stubbs to explore how we can Future-Proof your Start-Up Business so you can,  Reap the Rewards!

WHY is R&R Strategic in business?


Mantra is Helping You to Future-Proof Your Business Start-Up through Informal Acceleration, Funding, Collaboration with like-minded strategic partners, and Value Creation for your investors.

The big problem is a permanent change in the business environment and the way commerce is conducted. This is caused by the impact of “Disruptive Technologies,“ a “Rewiring of the Planet” and “The World Wide Computer” resulting in some spectacular valuations for those Start-Ups involved.


Active Management


Follow The R&R Strategic Rapid Rollout Informal Accelerator Roadmap for Technology Start-Ups under our Active Management Process and  Reap the Rewards!

Looking for Funding as well?………The CEO of R&R Strategic, Bruce Stubbs has held a Licence to deal in Financial Securities for over 20 years and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) . We can prepare your Information Memorandum (IM), Financial Revenue Model (FRM), Term Sheet (TM) and Investor PitchDeck (IPD) and lawfully raise Insider Money, Seed/Angel Capital and Series A & B Funding.

Experienced Advice


A small team of well connected professionals with over 50 years of knowledge and experience together with formal qualifications and the ability to offer in-depth commercial, business and analytical skills gained from working in the financial services, business consulting, and legal sectors, and working with ASX listed companies involving stakeholders, directors, partners, colleagues and financiers in various roles but mostly at the very front-end or “coal face” where it really counts.

Complete Solution


R&R Strategic – Complete Solution – “The One Stop Dream Shop”
We provide Advisory Board services. We prepare and vett your “Hard Deliverables” – Information Memorandum (IM), Financial Revenue Model (FRM), Term Sheet (TM), Investor PitchDeck (IPD) and Due Diligence (DD) reports.

We raise lawfully  Early Insider Money, Seed/Angel Capital and Series A & B Funding utilising our numerous connections with professional investors, angel groups and VC funds in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

We fast tract early revenue by providing virtual BDM services utilising the R&R Strategic network of high calibre “Enablers.”

R&R Strategic? – What it really means!


R&R – Whats it Mean?

For Start-ups it means:
At the Pre-Money stage – -Re-assess & Re-think
At the Funding stage – Resources Requirements
At the Execution stage – Rapid Rollout

For Founders & Investors it means:
Reap the Rewards by managing Risks & Returns

Our Logo – Integrated R Symbol


Our Logo is our promise to you. Our guarantee that we will transform your Tech Start-up by resolving your 3 biggest challenges and risks – getting Investment Ready, Funding, and Rapid Execution.

The Red Spotlight says Stop. The integrated R’s say Re-assess and Re-think the future. And the small R symbolises a Change in Direction. In short, Stop, Re-assess, Re-think and Change.

Future-Proofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing strategies to minimize the effects of shocks and stresses of future events whilst identifying and maximizing the opportunities.