R&R Strategic implements   our Rapid Rollout Informal Accelerator for Technology Start-Ups under our Active Management Process as detailed below.


(7 Essential Steps)

Pre-Money Acceleration:

1. Origination – Sourcing / Screening / Selection

2. Incubation – Initial Advice and Guidance (Strategic Clarity)

3. Acceleration – Informal Acceleration / Hard Deliverables


4. Documentation – Term Sheets, Shareholder & Subscription Agreements

5. Capitalisation – Due Diligence and Cash Settlement

Post-Money Execution:

6. Execution – Fast Traction & Revenue generation / Investor reporting

7. Transition – Next level growth via a Transaction or Series A+B Funding

+Our Technical Network; +Our Execution Network; +Our US LaunchPad

HOW is R&R Strategic going to do this?


Our Active Management Process overlays this Roadmap to ensure that proper and acceptable outcomes are achieved at each stage, thereby allowing progression to the next level smoothly and quickly. Natural Break Points are inbuilt into this Roadmap for Investor Protection or if the unthinkable happens.

R&R Strategic Complete Solution:

R&R Strategic provides the complete solution for Investors and Start-ups alike in that we solve all three major problems below and hence minimise these risks, because these risks are the main reasons why Start-ups stall indefinitely or fail completely.

Pre-Money Acceleration —> Funding —> Post-Money Execution

Pre-Money Acceleration -> To get Start-ups “Investment Ready” and to produce the “Hard Deliverables” (i.e. Strategic Clarity, Info Memorandum, Financial Model, Due Diligence Report, Term Sheets, Investment Agreements & Pitch Deck)

Funding –> Raising the money, documentation and cash settlement

Post-Money Execution –> To fast track commercialisation and revenue generation through introductions, networking and business development partnerships

Strong Service Delivery


R&R Strategic adopts a strong service delivery focus that prevents steps in the Rapid Rollout Roadmap stalling or becoming a drag. Our service delivery advantages focus on fast moving, concise and simple solutions and we are not afraid of stating the obvious. In short, this is your “Strategic Clarity”

Our Service Delivery Cycle demonstrated in the adjacent illustration gives you a general idea of how this process may operate. This “spinning mind-set of thought processes” can repeat itself many times, no matter how large or small, complex or simple.

Our Fees


R&R Strategic’s Cost Advantage

R&R Strategic offers an extremely cost effective alternative with timely execution compared with everyone else, (our competitive advantage.)

At R&R Strategic, we believe in turning our skills and services into Value Creation for our Start-ups and our Co-Investors and sharing this success with them, and NOT time based billing which creates a conflict of interest and stifles innovation, creativity and efficiency.

At R&R Strategic we share in our successes, so We get Paid only When You get Paid! So please contact Bruce Stubbs to find out how?



R&R Strategic agrees and warrants to keep all client information relating to its business and investment activities secret and confidential. This applies to all investors, and for Start-Ups we provide a Confidentiality Agreement duly executed.

This Agreement covers all information passing from the Client to R&R Strategic including but not limited to trade secrets, drawings, know-how, processes, formulae, business and marketing plans and projections, arrangements and agreements with third parties, client lists and financial data.