FUTURE-PROOFING Your Business is the process of anticipating the future and developing strategies to minimize the effects of shocks and stresses of future events whilst identifying and maximising the opportunities. For Technology Start-Ups this is “Mission Critical” and the difference between success and failure.

Looking for Funding as well?………The CEO of R&R Strategic, Bruce Stubbs has held a Licence to deal in Financial Securities for over 20 years and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) . We can prepare all your Hard Deliverables including your Information Memorandum (IM), Financial Revenue Model (FRM), Term Sheet (TM) and Investor PitchDeck (IPD), Due Diligence Reports (DD) and lawfully raise Insider Money, Seed & Angel Capital and Series A & B Funding through our vast connections with professional investors, Angel groups and Venture Capital (VC) Funds in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
WHAT is R&R Strategic going to do?


We will Future-Proof your Start-Up by determining what are the fundamental, make or break challenges facing your business and industry and what are the critical next steps to make your Start-Up successful.

R&R Strategic tackles the big issues of what really matters now for your success and growth, by identifying and asking the right questions, and by applying our independence, knowledge and experience to determine powerful and practical strategies that can be planned and implemented easily. This is where R&R Strategic can add the most value to your thinking and to your business.

WHO is R&R Strategic going to do this for?


For Technology Start-Ups, we implement ”SkunkWorks” our Rapid Roll-out Informal Accelerator together with our Active Management Process for the greatest chance of success.

For a PDF for Technology Start-Ups detailing these programs, please contact Bruce Stubbs 

For New Investors wanting to enter this explosive growth area, supported by a Compelling Investment Case, we offer an opportunity to safely co-invest with us, but only after our Deal Selection Criteria has been fully satisfied (which screens deals for Type and ability to meet our Investment Criteria) and two months of Due Diligence has been undertaken. In addition, we build-in 10 Investor Protection Safequards to every investment.

For a PDF for New Investors detailing how to safely co-invest with us, please contact Bruce Stubbs  
WHEN is R&R Strategic going to do this?


You need to Act Now because Disruptive Technologies, a Rewiring of the Planet, and The World Wide Computer are resulting in Spectacular Valuations emerging for some of those Start-Ups involved.

The dominant Global Investment Theme of this decade is “Disruptive Businesses” that create uncontested markets, where there is no competition at all. Investors associate the greatest “disruption” with “technology.” And an early entry into these businesses offers investors the deepest discount to valuation, at the least cost ($s), for the greatest leverage (upside).   To get The Most Bang for Your Buck!