A “Tombstone” is a successful funding round, and gets its name from the tradition of Investment Firms placing “a tombstone like advertisement” in the financial press on completing a capital raising.

R&R Strategic has achieved a 100% funding success rate across seventeen (17) funding rounds.

A reputation we wish to fiercely maintain and protect!

R&R Strategic’s Funding Tombstones appear below showing over $10m raised for six (6) Technology Start-ups across ten (10) successful Funding Rounds, in addition to the seven (7) property syndications for Campbell Newman’s Arcana Capital, Ex-Premier of Queensland.

R&R Strategic also assisted two (2) of these Start-ups with over $1m of Federal Government Matching Equity (Accelerating Commercialisation ) Grants being awarded.

Currently Raising:
“R&R Strategic sets the entry bar very high when selecting Start-ups & Scale-ups to offer up to its Investor Network and fund, once Deep Dive Due Diligence (DD-Squared) has been completed by the R&R Strategic Team. Over the many hundreds which we have assessed over the past 4 years, we only fund a couple per year on average, in order to protect as best we can our own and our Investor’s capital, and to build a sound technology portfolio for even greater investor protection.”
Bruce Stubbs, CEO & Founder.

This Strategy is Confirmed by Steve Baxter whose Family Office has invested in two (2) of our Technology Scale-ups – Arkose Labs & Clipchamp
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R&R Tombstones - Currently Raising - 4

Successfully Funded:

R&R Tombstones WIP15
R&R Tombstones WIP-12C
R&R Tombstones WIP13
R&R Tombstones 4
R&R Tombstones 1-001_Fotor
R&R Tombstones 2-001_Fotor

INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE – Successful Venture Capital (VC) Series A & Series B & Series C Rounds Completed by
(and who are also located in The AdvanceQld Start-up Precinct)


Enterprise Fraud & Abuse Prevention

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Arkose Labs taps ThreatMetrix’s President & CEO Reed Taussig to join Board – May 2019
Sydney based, ThreatMetrix achieves highest ever exit for an Australian Technology company with US$817m buyout in 2018 by UK based LexisNexis.




Video Sharing Simple, Fast & Free

Video Sharing - Simple, Fast & Free

Steve Baxter backs “Canva for Video” technology scale-up Clipchamp – May 2019
Clipchamp is democratising video production globally by simple to use, in-browser tools.





Enterprise Compliance as a Service



Enterprise Compliance Software & Services



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SaaS & DaaS Platforms for Property Development




Developers and Planners Platform



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Hotel Guest Engagement Platform



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Workplace Ride Sharing




Energy Optimisation Platform



The Way Art Should Be

The Way Art Should Be



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Property Syndication



QUT BlueBox 2015 Winner of the Star-up Innovation Challange is ClipChamp by Zfaas

______________________ QUT BlueBox 2015 Winner of the Start-up Innovation Challange from a field of 83 tech start-ups is ClipChamp by Zfaas


Investors of ClipChamp

Inventors of ClipChamp


Video Sharing Simple, Fast & Free

Video Sharing - Simple, Fast & Free




Enterprise Fraud & Abuse Prevention


Internet Advertising


WebPage Security


Big Data Shopping


Loyality & Coupons